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Microsoft Office applications have a huge importance in today’s corporate environment.
A serious gap exists in SAP functionality  when document output management does not integrated into SAP functionality.
Companies want to better integrate their Microsoft platforms and SAP systems to realize the full value of both.

Despite  the huge expenses on ERP systems such as SAP, many man hours are  wasted  downloading and extracting into Excel and  Word in an error prone old methods such as cut and paste.
Big companies which have fully automation production lines handle their data in old and out of scope techniques.
OxSap give an answer to this lack of functionality, generating dynamic and professional business documents connected with SAP functionality and SAP dictionary to integrate well with SAP content management environment.
Ox4Sap automatically connects both SAP and Ms-Office in a simple and powerful method.
Ms-office and Sap connection used to be a limited, tedious and unstable task.
Cloud solutions such as office 365 change the way we handle Microsoft Office.
Ox4Sap uses the latest open technologies within Microsoft Office  –
Open standards technologies.
We deliver Word and Excel automatic solutions for SAP.
Ox4Sap is a custom product for SAP, means that compare to other add-ons in the market it can changes and additions in agility with minor changes in the process.
Daily routines become much more simple and time consuming with the use of Ox4Sap on the server and reducing the use of manual documents consumption.
The options of automating business documents processes let us many options of documents redesign.

If you are looking for a simple and fast implementation ask for a
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