Use Cases

Use Cases

Client: Insurance company.

Solution: Creating Interactive Microsoft Word forms for the claim management module
for a better documents flow.
Creating Letters of payment to Uninsured customers in a batch process.
Creating complex contracts for Insurance agents.

client: Multinational Telecommunications company.

Solution: In a hybrid Success Factors and SAP environment, creating and deployment of HR documents
to the company employees by email.
The output documents use  dynamic MS  Word  templates  that can hide/show paragraphs on the run time
according to customer specific customization.

Client: Commodities trading company.

Solution: Fill items price and quantity from purchase requisition objects into Excel sheets and send it to  the
vendors within the MM module using interactive EXCEL interface.
The recipients complete their data within the documents and send it back to the sender.
When the documents arrive at the company the data is pulled automaticity from the Excel sheets  and
updates SAP objects  in a fully automatic process.

Client: Government administration.

Solution: Filling out forms using interactive Microsoft Word  documents.
The documents data is pulled  automatically  and update the SAP system.
The process also includes approvals round.

Client: International Farming Company

Solution: Update SAP  engineering change management decisions, activities and tasks including
long texts from generated  MS Word  documents and save the documents in SAP DMS
including approvals and versions.

Client: Pharmaceuticals Company

Solution: API provider migrate it’s manual documentation into automation
by using Ox4Sap and Word templates that handle all  decisions activities and tasks
to meet the FDA documentation requirements.

Client: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company

Solution: In a public procurement  environment creating protocols for Tenders Committee
in order to fulfil government regulations.
Protocols are generated using Ox4Sap and Word templates.
The  Word  template can be used  for many types of protocols and can be controlled to show/hide
up to  the level of paragraphs and quick  parts  which act as sections  in  the document .
Some of the protocols section are copied between protocols and all protocols use Word
numbering mechanism.
During the tender process a chain of protocols is created which is managed by SAP notifications.

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