How it works

How it works

Ox4Sap used mainly for two major goals:

  1. Generate Office documents  from SAP.
  2. Extract data from Office documents into SAP.
Generate documents

The document is  generated from SAP by using customization data on the document (Template)
and SAP data (data source). In order to produce a document a selection script is needed.
The script use the Office Template , the Template customization in SAP as declared and
the the data source by using Ox4Sap API to create the output document/s.
The generated document can be stored as a file or send as stream data.
It can also be saved on a content server such as SAP DMS.

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SAP Office Automation
Extract data from a document

When we have a document generated from SAP we can use it as an Interactive document.
Means we can change the document data.
Ox4sap can extract this data using the document and the Template customization in SAP
to get the data into SAP structured data  for big volume of documents,
Ox4Sap acts as a one point of view solution to connect processes and documents within SAP.