What is it

Ox4Sap is SAP 3rd party application that makes Microsoft Office documents easier to create and manage with SAP functionality and  dynamic templates

How does it help

Ox4Sap use open standards to handle Ms-Office documents on the server. that means that you are no longer need to use Add-ons, Macros and other old technology components for this process.

Do I need Ms-office installed on the server

Using Ox4Sap allowing SAP server to generate and read Ms-Office documents without installed Office.

SAP version support

Ox4Sap support SAP ECC from version 4.6 and above including HANA based systems.

Should I need Windows Server operating system

You can run Ox4Sap with any operating system including Linux, Unix, Mainframe, and others. No dedicated windows server needed. of Ms-Office applications it supports

Ox4Sap support Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Using Custom documents

Ox4Sap Adds Custom Elements to Standard Documents so you can control custom documents depend on parameters.  Also, it does handle SAP structured data so automatic binding take place to connect Office documents content and SAP.

Can I use it with SAP User exit/Badi

Of course. you can use it with user exit, badi’s workflow and any other exit point you want to combine with document generation.

Interactive Documents

Ox4Sap is a great tool for Interactive documents with both Word and Excel. The applications know how to select the proper data from the document after it had been changed, and use this data to process transactions or any other method needed.

Can it work on background

Because it’s a server oriented it can work with background jobs. for example when need to generate mass production of documents. That’s a huge benefit compared to other applications working as Add-ons on Ms-Office applications that run on a Desktop environment.

External systems connection

Ox4Sap can act as a service for external systems such as SuccessFactors, core systems or legacy systems as long as they support web service. In this way, we are not limited to SAP data only.

What about document metadata

Ox4Sap support meta data within Office documents. You can set your metadata automatically for each document, and your SAP system can read this data.

Why handle Ms-office documents

Ms-Office is an international language and together with Sap or other core systems, it helps organizations deliver data.

What if I need extensions

Ox4Sap is based on open standards and as such, it can be extended for special needs.

Can I connect it with my custom applications

Ox4Sap simply connect with your own customer namespace applications.  not as with other solutions that let you only a limited list of SAP transactions.

Who can use  it

Business users and  IT can use Central Source for company documents and Enforce the Corporate Brand with No More Cut and Paste.

What about new versions

New SAP versions are supported.

Does Ox4Sap contains API

Yes, it does. the API let you control runtime access and control documents in an easy way.

How many documents can be produced in a single run

You can generate from only one document to Thousands and Tens of thousands or more documents. the limit is our resources such as CPU and memory on the server.

How does SAP environment fit with Ox4Sap

Ox4Sap save the document’s metadata as customized objects. As a result developing documents behave like any other sap customized objects and SAP environments such as DEV and QA assist with the development and check process before move it to PRD environment.

Does O4Sap fit with B2B environment

If you have the same environment of OxSap within different systems, it’s a great tool for handling b2b messages in a standardize methods. both systems connect using the same standards and pattern.

How does Ox4Sap different from other connection products

Ox4Sap uses open standards for handling Ms-office document, so that’s why it can handle the documents on the SAP server and not as a workstation dedicated method as most of the other products handling documents with all the disadvantage involved.

How do we differ

Ox4Sap is a custom product means that compare to other add-ons in the market it can be handle changes and additions in agility with minor changes in the process.

Reusable data contents

Ox4Sap controls the reuse of building blocks galleries of content controls to set up dynamic documents on run time.

How do I get it

Contact us and we assist you with the installation process.