Automation for SAP long text update using MS Word

Long text object in SAP is very common and is used for many cases.
Although Long text exists in most of SAP modules , the process of update
or insert it in daily  routines is very hard to use.
Microsoft Word is very suitable tool for the purpose of editing Long text
in a case of mass processing or other options depending on the case.

The Challenge

For a large manufacturer company which produce electronic equipment
creates a lot new materials in it’s daily routine.
Each material should contain Purchase order long text,
sometime in more than one language.
The company is looking for a simple solution to automate Long text update to be used
by the material master data crew. This  should be done by generating files containing
the data send it by email or other means, update Long text and finally update SAP.

The Solution

Create an automated way to generate and email a Microsoft Office template filled with
Material data according to the selection.
Setup an automated way to collect the submissions emailed back from the material
master data and upload into SAP’s material master functionality.
This solution will be fully automated.

This method  to handle Long text assisted the company to save time and money
and now they have a simplified solution for Long text.
Ox4Sap is the application handle this solution Because of it’s abilities to handle
Office documents on the server and manipulate Office documents without Office
application, Ox4Sap is the right product to this scenario.