XML based Applications

The oldest among us can remember the days when only
binary files could establish an application.
xmlInfrastructure and development environment these days
are completely different from how it used to be
(  except of course COBOL, RPG, and other historical terms… ).
Today we are working in a Heterogeneous environment.
A lot was said about the internet and how it affects our daily life.
But let’s concentrate about XML and how can it help us in the development.
XML does not need a specific tool to handle because it’s a specification so
it has some rules that we can change or add depends on the needs.
XML has got only one version, so on upgrades and change of Infrastructure,
we have only a few changes if any.
Name it XML, JSON or another name –  it all means the same subject.
Ox4Sap, for example, uses open standards fro XML parsing and the solution
is great Ms-office documents without any use of Ms-office software.
We can use for all types of operating systems including Windows Linux and more.
when we use XML we are not depending on any system exclusively.
XML gives us the freedom to control our systems.

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