Leverage your SAP existing investment while export to Ms-Office SAP documents

office 365 sapYour organization is using SAP.
Too much money and effort where invest on the systemץ
Years of customization in-house developments
and some upgrades in between.
If you have to calculate the sum of money invest on it,
You could be surprised from the numbers.
Sometimes when you like to add a new service and connect it with SAP,
That’s become a hard project and sometimes even needed to stop it.
With Ox4Sap which integrates Microsoft Office and SAP systems, you well save
your investment and take advantage of the fact that Ox4Sap can use as an integral
part of SAP.
The use of ms word content controls simplifies the binding between SAP and Ms Office.
For example, you can migrate old reports to work with Ox4Sap,
redesign old transactions, and so on.
The structured SAP data documents set the job of moving reports and other transactions
into Ms-Office documents much clear and faster.
You don’t have to use tedious custom code for this process,
Ox4Sap customizing method does it for you.
One of the main issues in software is to use the current resources with
new components and that is really done in this case.

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