Content Controls types list

There are some types of Content Controls in Microsoft Word.
We often use content controls to bind it with external data, so we can
have a  generated document based on a template and filled with data.
In the case of SAP structured data, we bind it with a tag name using the
content control properties.
Below is a list Which will help you to navigate between the content controls types.

Content Controls
Type General Description Restrictions
Rich Text A rich text control can contain custom formatted text or other items, such as tables, pictures, or other content controls. Before Word 2013, rich text controls cannot be bound to an XML data node.
Plain Text A plain text content control is limited to plain text in a single or multiple paragraphs. It cannot contain other items, such as tables, pictures, or other content controls. All or nothing formatting. For example, if you italicize one word of a sentence that is in a plain text control, all the text inside the control is italicized.
Picture Fills the content control with a single image. Prohibits users from inserting any other Word objects or any text.
Combo Box Contains a drop-down selection of list entries that users can select and textbox that user can edit directly. All or nothing formatting. Input limited to a single paragraph of text.
Drop-Down List A drop-down list displays a drop-down list of list entries that users can select. Unlike a combo box, the drop-down list does not let users enter a custom input. All or nothing formatting.
Date Picker Contains a calendar control. Limits text to a single paragraph. Like plain text, limits text to a single paragraph that cannot contain any formatting.
Check Box A check box provides a UI that represents a binary state: selected or cleared. Available only in Word 2010/2013. Content is displayed in a rich text control when opened in Word 2007.
Building Block Gallery A building block gallery enables users to select from a list of document building blocks to insert into a document. A document building block is a piece of content that has been created to be used multiple times, such as a common cover page, a formatted table, or a header. Cannot be bound to an XML data node.
Group A group control defines a protected region of a document that users cannot edit or delete. A group control can contain any document items, such as text, tables, graphics, and other content controls. Cannot be bound to an XML data node.
Repeating section controls can contain text or other controls and allow you to insert as many sections as needed. Word 2013 only.