What can be renewed connecting SAP and Microsoft Office?

Most of you know the known data download to Excel and the ability to use
Office Integration within the usems office sap of SAP Gui.
These techniques are very often used by SAP users.
using Excel with SAP and Ms-word templates for business
documents within SAP are some of the variety of uses of
every Erp system.
So you can ask yourself “What can be renewed connecting SAP and
Microsoft Office?”
Surprisingly there is a lot that has been changed in this method.
Mostly the  Renovation comes from Microsoft Office object of this method.
The use of Open Standards and XML techniques has changed the way of documents generation.
For most of you, the technical side is transparent, and there is no need to dig in it.
For our usage that is reflected in the generation and manipulation of documents on Server side.
ERP  CRM  and  SRM systems use often with massive documents processes.
Also, FICO module often uses Excel spreadsheets for data manipulation and data uploading.
You can never produce for example 100,000 different letters to customers in using Ms word
documents within these systems, unless there is a special server and a toolkit for that.
As like we have more advantages to use SAP and Ms-Office on a server side.
We can have full and real automation of documents manipulation, set background
jobs of documents, connect it to and with Web services and much more.
The best way to connect SAP and Microsoft Office is to connect it via SAP server,
so you can achieve the best of Office into SAP and the best of SAP into Office.
As we see in  other aspects of business, Machine do repetitive tasks  better than human.
It’s much chipper accurate and twenty-four seven service.
Microsoft Office was designed as a PC software. So as such, it cannot act as a server.
It also can achieve the feel and look of working with Ms-office and SAP in one system.
You can use the technology to take the business processes one step ahead for
increased employee productivity and reduced headcount.
Fortunately for us who need this massive server processes within SAP, there are
new solutions today that bring a solution for these problems.

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