New MS Word document Format

For many years Ms-word main format was “.doc”.
For some years  the “.docx” is the standard format for Ms-word documents
and as you might know, it is an open format and not binary format as was in the old format.
The smartphones and Windows 10 together with Office 365 revolution use the open format
known as open XML and you know it as “.docx” format.
I bring here a table of the supported formats for the new Ms-word products and
their used platforms.
As you can see the main format in this new world of Office and Web applications
is the “.docx” that is based on open XML standards.
Ox4Sap also based and build by Open XML standards so it is  natural in this new
amazing world with no conversions and obsolete documents.

Ms-word document  format support

sap office 365

As you can see from the format table, .docx format is fully supported
in all products and platforms.
Today when you create and develop a new document or template from
Ms-word usage you have to take care of the format.
If you use the old formats as .doc you are about to have serious  problems
when distributing it to the new platforms.

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